Tara Strong began her professional acting career at the age of thirteen, performing in Toronto’s Yiddish Theater. She booked several tv and film roles and her first animated series, voicing the title role of Hello Kitty. By the age of sixteen, she had a lead in a sit-com, and voiced more than twenty animated series, as well as several musical theater and TV and film roles. She moved to Los Angeles in 1994, and worked on Party of Five, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, Touched by an Angel, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and several other guest roles. She has enjoyed a very successful voice over career including, “Bubbles” in The Powerpuff Girls, “Timmy” on The Fairly Odd Parents, “DIL” in  Rugrats, “Raven” on Teen Titans, “Batgirl”, Chowder, Transformers, Drawn Together, Ben 10, “Melody” in the sequel to “The Little Mermaid”, and many more. She was nominated for an EMMY for her role in Jakers. She can currently be seen on camera as the teacher, “Miss Collins”, on NICKELODEON’S hit show, Big Time Rush

Tara would often bring her babies with her to work, on the days that she could not, she would pump. Frustrated with the choices available for storing her breast milk, she began to research safer, easier alternatives. She wanted the design of her bottles to be functional, accurate, and stress free. She also wanted to help make lives a little easier for other busy, tired Moms. Often the babysitter or Dad would have to toss precious milk down the drain. All baba baby products are made with the highest standard and without harmful plastics.

For more on Tara's career, please visit her website, www.tarastrong.com

Tara lives in Los Angeles with her husband Craig, and their two sons, Sammy and Aden. Her sons were the inspiration behind the Baba baby line and she wishes to thank them for the inspirations they give her every day.

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