Introducing babababy®! The world’s first bottle designed to help moms & dads accurately label pumped breast milk directly onto the bottle. Our patented “calendar cap” has an easy twist mechanism enabling busy parents to dial the date with a simple click. Simply twist the date of expiration right on the cap, ensuring safety and freshness for your baby. Our bottle fits conveniently onto most standard sized breast pumps. Each bottle comes with a feeding nipple and can be warmed in any bottle warmer. All our plastics are BPA and LEAD FREE. Finally, no more fussing with markers, masking tape, or messy plastic bags, and no more crying over spilt milk!

BABABABY Features:

• World’s first Built-in Calendar Bottle
• Pumped breast milk is safe in the fridge for 3-8 days
• BPA free
• Pumped breast milk safe in freezer for up to 3 months
• Twist to date right on the cap
• Just pump and store
• Freezer safe
• Feeding cap with nipple included
• Fits directly onto any breast pump
• Our caps fit any standard bottle


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